Fees & Communication

Our fees are a function of time and expense, and expertise required to handle your claim. Our goal is to give you a technically superior and professional appraisal / adjustment with a material claim savings at a reasonable cost.

We prorate our time and expense with any other claim handled on a particular field trip; thus each company receives the benefit of a reduced claim expense for their respective file. This represents a material savings when we handle several claims in a multi-state area.

We believe that communication is of paramount importance in the insurance industry. The root of all complaints can generally be traced back to the lack of communication. We at CODDINGTON ADJUSTMENT COMPANY believe that the insured should be informed of their policy provisions and their responsibilities after a loss.

The lack of explanations or improper explanation and review of the claim and settlement calculations often create hard feelings and breakdowns in negotiations. We at CODDINGTON ADJUSTMENT COMPANY keep the insured and the company informed through all phases of the claim to eliminate confusion and misunderstandings and to build up trust and confidence. We support all communications in writing to the appropriate parties.

We issue the necessary closing paperwork where required and/or requested, and support same with recaps to the insured /claimant and company(as often overlooked, but required by many state laws and regulations).


Our company requirement is immediate contact upon receipt of an assignment and inspection within 48 - 72 hours, wherever feasible. Our preliminary report is issued within 10 days and includes our reserve suggestion, general findings and recommendations. We then follow up with our interim reports every 10 -  30 days thereafter, until conclusion. We adjust our reports according to the individual client requirements. Most of our claims are settled within 30 days.

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